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the price for your paper is calculated on the basis of three aspects:

  • Number of pages.
  • Deadline.
  • Academic level of the paper.

Below you will find a table with the pricing per 1 page of your order for writing from scratch. We can also perform proofreading for you, which will cost 60% of the sum you see in the table.

Level  2 days  3 days  4 days  5 days  6 days  7 days  8 days  9 days  10 days  11 days  12 days  13 days  14 days
Undergraduate $47.7 $43.2 $39.6 $36 $33.3 $30.6 $28.08 $26.1 $24.3 $22.5 $20.7 $19.26 $15.3
Masters $52.2 $47.7 $44.1 $40.5 $37.8 $35.1 $32.58 $30.6 $28.8 $27 $25.2 $23.76 $19.8
Professional $58.5 $54 $50.4 $46.8 $44.1 $41.4 $38.88 $36.9 $35.1 $33.3 $31.5 $30.06 $26.1

Take into account that prices in the table are given without VAT. Only customers who live in the European Union have to pay VAT. During the payment process the necessary sum for VAT will be automatically added to the cost of your order.

Admission help

A lot of you may dream of getting into a specific university/college/ or even a job, and it all gets really easy with We provide professional admission help for you to fulfil your dream. We provide assistance with the following tasks:

  • Personal Statement
  • Admissions Essay
  • Cover Letter
  • Application Letter


Our aim is to provide you with the best service possible and hence we provide 2 additional services for your convenience as well:

  • Abstract page: An abstract page is usually required in an APA formatted paper. It summarizes the whole paper and gives the reader a quick glimpse of your report and it adds more value to the report. An Abstract Page will cost you just a mere $5.99 per page!
  • Top-priority customer service: This will ensure that you get preference over numerous other clients, when you have any issues or concerns.


We provide occasional discounts to our clients and returning customers. Please check back soon, to know more about them.
Kindly note, that Abstract Page, Top-Priority customer service and discounts are not subject to any refunds.